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Welcome to the Oboe Fingering Trainer! Test your basic fingering knowledge from low Bb all the way to high D. I've even included some of the more common alternate fingerings!

The oboe "keys" have been simplified down to the checkboxes to the left, with the left hand pinky keys being in the drop-down box (move your mouse over the picture of the oboe at any time for a map). I know not all the keys are shown; remember, this is just a basic trainer!

Your score will be constantly updated in the lower right box, and you may reset it at anytime. Be sure to submit your high score when you're doing well!

After submitting your answer, these words will be replaced with a representation of what you entered. If you got it wrong and can't figure out the correct fingering, click on ** ANSWER ** and the standard fingering for that note will then be shown to you in a pop-up window.

Good luck!

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